La Fortaleza Wedding Venue

Experience Luxury and Exclusivity at La Fortaleza: Majorca's Premier Wedding Venue and Film Set

Nestled amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Pollensa, Majorca, lies the epitome of luxury and exclusivity – La Fortaleza.

This majestic wedding venue and film set captivates the hearts of those seeking an unparalleled experience amidst nearly 360-degree sea views and unrivalled grandeur. Renowned as the most prestigious venue on the island, La Fortaleza sets the stage for unforgettable moments, attracting discerning clientele from around the globe.

Unveiling La Fortaleza: A Spectacle of Grandeur

Steeped in history and architectural splendour, La Fortaleza stands as a testament to opulence and refinement. Originally built in the 17th century as a fortress to defend against pirate attacks, it has since been transformed into a haven of luxury, preserving its historic charm while embracing modern sophistication. Its commanding presence atop a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea creates an ambiance of romance and elegance, making it an ideal setting for weddings, celebrations and cinematic masterpieces alike.

Exclusivity Redefined: The Essence of La Fortaleza

Exclusivity lies at the heart of La Fortaleza's allure. With only a handful of weddings hosted each year, this prestigious wedding venue ensures an intimate and personalized experience for every occasion. The limited availability adds an aura of exclusivity, attracting a clientele that appreciates the finer things in life. It's no wonder that La Fortaleza is a magnet for the rich and famous, to name one of the most recent and famous people to hold their wedding here was Rafa Nadal, who was born on Mallorca so naturally wanted to marry in his home town.

The Ultimate Wedding Destination: Saying "I Do" in Paradise

For couples dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding in an idyllic setting, La Fortaleza surpasses all expectations. Whether exchanging vows against the backdrop of the shimmering sea or dancing under the stars in the enchanting courtyard, every moment is infused with romance and splendour. Our dedicated team ensures that every detail is meticulously planned and flawlessly executed, allowing couples to relax and savour every precious moment of their special day.

A Cinematic Canvas: La Fortaleza on the Silver Screen

Beyond its reputation as a premier wedding venue, La Fortaleza has also graced the silver screen, serving as the backdrop for numerous cinematic productions. Its timeless allure and breathtaking vistas have captured the imaginations of filmmakers, transforming ordinary scenes into extraordinary masterpieces. From Hollywood blockbusters to indie films, La Fortaleza provides a cinematic canvas unlike any other, adding an extra layer of allure to its illustrious legacy. The famous BBC six-part drama “The Night Manager” was largely filmed here as was the more recent Amazon Prime series “The Lioness” featuring Nicole Kidman.

Embrace Luxury, Create Memories: Your Journey Begins at La Fortaleza

In a world where experiences reign supreme, La Fortaleza stands as a beacon of luxury and distinction. From intimate gatherings to extravagant celebrations, every event hosted within its walls is imbued with a sense of grandeur and exclusivity. As the sun sets over the Mediterranean horizon and the sea breeze whispers tales of ancient secrets, La Fortaleza invites you to embark on a journey of unparalleled beauty and enchantment.

How much does a wedding cost at La Fortaleza?

I think we can safely say that La Fortaleza is the most expensive venue in Mallorca, if not Spain, if not Europe… specific prices and quotations are given on request only. Please contact us to discuss your specific wedding budget. Typically, 30,000€ is needed as a minimum total budget for any wedding in Mallorca.

To enquire about this venue or any other venue in Majorca and to ask about our venue tours and wedding planning services in general, please complete our contact form or email directly to: [email protected]


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