Son Boronat Wedding Venue

Son Boronat: A Hidden Gem for Intimate Weddings in Majorca's Calvia

Discover the allure of Son Boronat, a boutique finca hotel nestled near the charming village of Calvia in Majorca. With its quaint charm, exclusive ambiance, and proximity to Calvia, Son Boronat stands out as the perfect destination for intimate weddings. Immerse yourself in the serenity of this unique venue, offering bed and breakfast accommodations in its eight thoughtfully designed rooms.

Why Choose Hotel Son Boronat?

1. Secluded Elegance:

Son Boronat captivates with its secluded elegance, providing a romantic escape for couples seeking an intimate wedding venue. Surrounded by the natural beauty of Majorca, the finca hotel offers a tranquil setting that feels like a world away while still being conveniently close to the vibrant village of Calvia.

2. Boutique Accommodation:

Son Boronat boasts eight beautifully appointed rooms, each uniquely designed to offer a blend of comfort and luxury. Your wedding party can enjoy exclusive dwellings, ensuring a private and personalized experience throughout your stay. From cozy tower room to the spacious suites, Son Boronat caters to the individual preferences of its guests.

3. Bed and Breakfast Delights:

Make your wedding celebration an immersive experience by accommodating your nearest and dearest guests in our luxurious facilities. Finca Son Sampol offers a luxoiurious bridal suite, two beautiful standard suites and two double rooms for the night of your event. You wont be disappointed!

4. Memories That Last a Lifetime:

Elevate your wedding experience with Son Boronat's bed and breakfast offerings. Wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and indulge in a delicious breakfast spread featuring local delicacies. The attentive staff ensures that your mornings are as delightful as we do for your wedding day, setting the tone for a memorable stay..

5. Proximity to Calvia and the coast:

The proximity of Son Boronat to the village of Calvia adds an extra layer of convenience for you and your guests. Explore the historic streets, indulge in local cuisine, or simply immerse yourselves in the vibrant culture of Calvia, creating unforgettable memories beyond your wedding day. It’s also only a 12 minute drive to the resorts of Palmanova and Santa Ponsa meaning the rest of your guests are only a short distance away.

Son Boronat, with its boutique charm emerges as the ideal wedding venue for those seeking an intimate celebration in Majorca. Whether your focus is a romantic garden ceremony, a lavish dinner in the pretty vine-covered courtyard or dancing the night away in the converted olive press disco

room, Son Boronat offers a canvas for creating lasting memories. Experience the magic of a Son Boronat wedding, where every detail is tailored to perfection by us A White Hot Wedding, making your special day truly extraordinary.


Extra details:

Pricing: from 9000€ (3 days accommodation for 16 people, exclusivity for entire hotel plus event)

Event times: flexible

Wedding planner: not obligatory but virtually impossible without
Vendors: Flexible
Music restrictions: Fairly flexible – DJ speakers need to go in party room after midnight
Max guest number: 80
Accommodation: 8 x suites/double rooms, all ensuite with breakfast
Preparation room for the bride: Yes
Exclusive hire: yes
Pool: Yes with option to have 2 nd day event pool party

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